size guides

A piece of clothing needs to fit just right, otherwise it is probably destined to be a permanent resident of your wardrobe. At HEMA we always try to ensure our clothing has the right combination of comfort and fit. 

This is done by inviting a panel of adults and children to 'pre-fit' all of our clothing items. It isn't until we are completely sure of the right fit that these clothing items are taken into production. 

Nearly all of the clothing items that we produce are designed in-house. Our stylists have a down-to-earth approach towards fashion. They draw inspiration from the international catwalks and translate these international trends to clothing you can wear every day.

The materials used are suitable for washing machine and dryer, so no need to worry about that. All you need to worry about is which HEMA clothing item you'd like to wear today! 


As HEMA is a Dutch company, our sizing is mostly tailored to the Dutch market. Please make use of the size guides below to make sure that you pick the size that fits just right.