HEMA gift cards

A HEMA gift card is good to give and great to receive. It can be used to pay for purchases at all HEMA stores in the UK. If you have a HEMA gift card denominated in euros you will not be able to redeem it in any of the UK stores.

the HEMA gift card:

  • is in most cases of unlimited validity, unless otherwise stated
  • can be redeemed in part
  • is not personal and will not be replaced when lost
  • can only be redeemed at HEMA stores in the UK, and not in countries that use the euro (€) as their currency
  • ncannot (yet) be used for online purchases
  • cannot be exchanged for cash
  • cannot be returned or refunded
  • a maximum of 3 cards per customer applies for discounted gift cards or extra value gift cards

If you want to check your balance, please read this page.