decorating your Christmas tree


Christmas is nearly here – and it’s time to bring out everybody’s favourite tree, with all the lights, baubles and other ornaments that mark the season. Nothing says Christmas like a decorated tree, but whether you use readymade ornaments or make your own is up to you. Read on for some inspirational tips.


Decorating the Christmas tree marks the beginning of the wonderful holiday to come. The evergreen smell slowly fills the room as the tree becomes prettier and prettier. You can decorate the Christmas tree entirely according to your wishes: follow the latest trends, make your own ornaments – or simply get your trusty box of Christmas decorations out of the loft.

tree in the house

The Christmas tree adorns more and more living rooms every December. But where does the tradition originally come from? And why do we hang trimmings and glass ornaments in it? There are many stories about the origin of the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations, but no one really knows the exact origin of this ongoing tradition. It remains a mystery, just like the magical tree itself.

decorating a Christmas tree with real candles

Before the advent of electric lights Christmas trees were decorated with real candles. This was, of course, quite dangerous given all the other Christmas ornaments hanging in the tree. People always had a bucket of water next to the tree in case a fire had to be quickly put out.

choose your Christmas tree

Big, small, real or fake: there’s a wide choice of trees. If you don’t have room for a tree, you can also opt for a branch in a vase. This lets you keep things smaller while still bringing a Christmas atmosphere into your home. If you’re not sure yet which tree you want, here are some tips:

  • If you’d like a real spruce tree, you can choose from many different types. For example, there is the Norway spruce, the Nordmann fir (which keeps its needles for longer) or the blue spruce. Ask for information at the shop on the pros and cons of each type and about root balls.
  • You can also opt for an artificial tree. This is handy as it requires no watering. There are lots of gorgeous models and different colours to choose from. And did you know that using an artificial Christmas tree for at least 10 years is more environmentally friendly than getting a real tree 10 times?
  • If you’d like to keep things smaller, use a miniature tree or set a tree branch in a vase. Decorate it just like you would a normal Christmas tree.

decorating your Christmas tree

Now that you've chosen a Christmas tree or branch, it’s time to pick the style of the decorations. What suits you best? Here are four examples for inspiration.

colour theme

Choose one or two colours as a theme and decorate the entire tree in that colour or those colours. Gold or silver make for a radiant tree and offset the green nicely. You can also choose the classic red and white, which merge with green to generate a true Christmas spirit.

many colours

Pick not one but lots of colours for a really cheerful Christmas. This is great when you’re making your own Christmas ornaments.

animals in the tree

How about an owl or panda among the branches? Decorating the Christmas tree in an animal theme is easy with our animal ornaments.

letter lighting

Let your Christmas tree speak this year with our mini letter lights.

good enough to eat

Would you like your Christmas tree to be a feast? Then pick ornaments in the shape of pineapples, ice cream or citrus fruits. Having food as Christmas decorations is a delight for those of us with a sweet tooth, and the colours create a cheerful effect. Hang real sweets in the tree so people can have a treat when they feel like it.


Are you more of a minimalist type? Put very few Christmas decorations in your tree – each of them will really stand out.

make your own Christmas decorations

Creating your own Christmas decorations is nice to do and ensures a very original and personal look. This is more fun and lets you decorate your Christmas tree exactly as you wish.

  • As a base, buy transparent baubles and fill them with pieces of spruce, leaves, or coloured string, confetti or pictures. You can change the filling in the baubles every Christmas to get a different tree each time. You can also hang them in a window or above the dining table.
  • Making your own Christmas decorations can be very simple. For instance, you can make pompoms by folding a napkin into a fan and tying it with string in the middle. Then make round or square cuts in the ends and open the napkin as a sphere. You can make these pompoms in a range of colours and hang them together in a bunch, creating an instant festive atmosphere.
  • Tie the ends of a Christmas tree branch to each other with a string or steel wire to create a simple Christmas wreath. Then use a ribbon or string to hang this on a door or wall. This is a very simple way to make a Christmas decoration of your own.

Finally, you can pack the foot of the tree with Christmas wrapping paper. Or wrap some empty boxes in Christmas wrapping paper and put them as faux gifts around the foot. This makes for a Christmas tree that’s beautifully decorated from head to toe.