Christmas spirit at home


Christmas is a time to make your home truly cosy. There are so many different types of Christmas decorations to enjoy, from traditional decorations to the latest trends, from home accessories to do-it-yourself decorations. All that matters is making your home the most inviting place in the world for the cold month of December. Read on for some great ideas on how to ensure that ‘it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas’.


The month of December has a magic feel, with twinkling lights everywhere. The Christmas decorations indoors and out create a magical Christmas feeling wherever you go, especially when it gets cold and dark. There are many ways to generate a Christmassy atmosphere in your living room.

starry sky

Turn your home into a sparkling starry sky by using dark blue and gold in your Christmas decorations, or for your cushions and throws. Gold creates a classic glittery and festive feeling, while blue is a cool colour with a luxurious, tranquil feel – and dark blue is like December: peaceful and calm. These cosy colours are perfect for creating a balanced Christmas atmosphere in your home.

cosy Christmas light

Christmas decorating and lights go hand in hand. Candles in particular are essential: red candles and tea light holders will instantly give your house a real Christmas spirit. And candles can also be used to make even more striking Christmas decorations. Put lots of different types of candles together on a large tray, for instance, or scatter them throughout your living room. Dim the room, light the candles and presto! You have the ultimate Christmas atmosphere.

home accessories

You can also add to the Christmas spirit in a very simple way by using home accessories from our standard range. They’ll help you create the atmosphere that’s right for you, especially if you’re not one for Christmas bells and whistles. Instead of lavish Christmas decorations, you can choose more understated and cosy throws, cushion covers, vases and candlesticks. For best effect, choose two colours from the HEMA range that give you the right Christmas feeling – the classic Christmas colours of red and green if you like, but any other combination, such as red and white, is also possible. Gold is always a favourite festive colour and goes well with any other tone – how about black and gold for a truly stylish Christmas ambiance?

subtle Christmas decorations

Maybe you like to have a Christmas atmosphere at home, but don’t really enjoy actual Christmas decorations? If so, you can also bring the Christmas spirit into your home by using subtle, contemporary decorations. This is a different approach that can result in some more modern Christmas ideas:

  • A rack full of Christmas cards looks very nice and exudes a real Christmas spirit without being showy.
  • Place some inspiring Christmas-related quotes in picture frames for the month of December. This gives you Christmas decorations which are meaningful as well as super creative and fashionable.
  • Wire letters let you put together any word for the right Christmas atmosphere – for instance, you can spell out Christmas, love or the names of your family. This can be fun to hang in a window.
  • You can also create your own Christmas garland with blackboard flags on which you’ve written a quote or greeting in chalk. Simply change the text every time you feel inspired.
  • Put a pair of beautiful pine branches in a vase. The simplicity of this decoration makes it especially attractive.


rich Christmas decorations

Is subtle not really your thing? Prefer to go large? If so, this holiday season’s trend is ideal for you as it calls for lot and lots of everything. Lots of cushions, lots of candles and lots of decorations. The more the better – and if you keep everything in one colour theme, it still gives a sense of calm.

Trendy, traditional, subtle or rich: whichever Christmas decorations you choose, HEMA wishes you a lovely December and the most wonderful Christmas atmosphere at home.