wrapping Christmas gifts

The joys of Christmas include a beautifully decorated tree, delicious food, great company and, of course, gifts, bought and wrapped with love and care. But maybe you’re not so good at wrapping presents or you’re a little short on time? HEMA i s here to help with various handy tips for wrapping your Christmas gifts. With a roll of Christmas wrapping paper or kraft paper, transparent gift film, ribbon, scissors, tape and a few fun Christmas elements such as mini (plastic) baubles or wooden Christmas figurines, you can transform your Christmas gifts into works of art in no time! How? Read on!

wrapping Christmas gifts with kraft paper

Kraft paper can be used in many different ways. It will immediately make your Christmas gifts look chic and stylish, and is easy to combine with other elements. A few tips:

  • Cut out a few Christmas figures from a roll of Christmas wrapping paper and tape them to your Christmas gifts wrapped in kraft paper. You can make it as busy as you like, or just add a few figures as details.
  • Place the gifts, first wrapped in kraft paper, on a sheet of transparent cellophane and put some ‘fake snow’ in between. You can use either small granules of polystyrene or white confetti. Now fold the cellophane around your gifts and seal with adhesive tape, leaving some room between the cellophane and kraft paper so the fake snow can move around freely. You can do the same with twigs of pine. For the ultimate Christmas feel, add an attractive ribbon in a Christmas colour like red or green, and a gift label with the name of the recipient. Kraft paper not exciting enough? You can do the same thing with Christmas wrapping paper in a print of your choice.
  • Cut out a straight strip of Christmas wrapping paper from the roll and wrap it around your presents wrapped in kraft paper. Tape it together on the back, add a pretty ribbon in a Christmas colour such as red, gold or green around the strip and tie it up in a bow.
  • You can also wrap your gifts blackboard paper. Add a few lines or a verse from a Christmas song with a chalkboard marker and draw some Christmas decorations such as Christmas trees, baubles and stars.
  • Cut a white ribbon or string to size and wrap it around your gift, wrapped in kraft paper, ten times or so. Tie up the ribbon in a bow and place a pine twig in between. Simple but efficient!

storage box as gift wrapping

If you don’t have much time and are not so skilled with gift wrap, scissors and tape, a gift box or gift bag can offer a simple gift wrapping solution. Choose a ready-made gift box or storage box in a nice print. Put in your gifts, and finish it off with a pretty ribbon or bow. A gift bag works the same way. And HEMA just happens to have plenty of fun Christmas prints for you to use! Put in your gift and close the top with a pretty ribbon or string. You can also add some Christmas elements, such as (plastic) mini-baubles or wooden Christmas figurines. Plus a gift label with the name of the recipient, of course.

Like the idea of a gift box but want to add some creativity? Why not use another type of box such as a shoe box, and decorate it with fun elements cut from Christmas wrapping paper or Christmas stickers? You can also draw or paint the box. Make it your own unique creation and have fun! Finally, place your Christmas gift in the box and tie it up with a pretty ribbon.