The coffee capsule maker by HEMA

With the coffee capsule maker by HEMA you can easily make your own (reusable) coffee capsules. The only thing you need is the coffee capsule maker starter kit and your favourite ground coffee. The starter kit contains 100 foil lids for your coffee capsules so you can enjoy 100 cups of your own favourite coffee! Have you run out of foil lids? The refill set contains everything to help you make another 200 cups of coffee. Much more durable & environmentally friendly than regular disposable capsules and on top of that you're always able to use your favourite ground coffee, so every cup you make is sure to be delicious!


koffiecapsule maker HEMA


How does the coffee capsule maker work?

To make your own (reusable) coffee capsules, you'll need the coffee capsule maker starter kit. 

This contains:

  • the capsule maker
  • a reusable cup
  • a capsule holder
  • 100 foil lids
  • filter espresso coffee from HEMA

or use your own favourite blend (avoid using too fine grounded coffee).

coffee capsule maker HEMA how-to


Here's how it works:

  1. Unscrew the two halves of the coffee capsule maker.
  2. Put an empty capsule in the capsule holder, making the capsule holder seem like a spoon.
  3. Use this spoon to scoop coffee, loosely fill the capsule and shave off any excess coffee, no need to push the coffee down.
  4. Place the capsule you just filled in the bottom black part of the capsule maker and wiggle the capsule holder upwards so that it releases the full capsule. Use the back of the capsule holder to shave off any excess coffee.
  5. Place a foil lid, with the edges pointing downwards, on the full capsule.
  6. Place the transparent part of the capsule maker on top of the lidded capsule and give the coffee capsule maker a quarter-twist so that the two pieces of the capsule maker connect.
  7. Untwist the two parts of the capsule maker and the finished capsule should be left in the transparent part.
  8. Press the black button to releas the finished capsule.
  9. The capsule can now be used to make your favourite cup of coffee!

The starter kit contains 2 reusable capsules. Would you like some extra reusable capsules? If you buy the refill set, you'll get an extra 2 reusable cups & 200 foil lids.

Is your coffee maker not processing the coffee properly? It could be that your ground coffee is grinded too finely or that the capsule is filled too tightly. Refill your capsule with coarser coffee and don't fill too tightly.

Get your own coffee capsule maker

Have we made you curious yet? Can't wait to get your hands on your own coffee capsule maker? You can find the coffee capsule starter kit and refill set here.