In collaboration with Difrax, HEMA is introducing a new range of pacifiers and baby bottles, , including two S-bottles and four duo packs of soothers with a unique HEMA design. Difrax is an expert when it comes to the design and production of baby products. Just like HEMA, Difrax strives to make life easier for (soon-to-be) parents and children. So it's hardly surprising that HEMA and Difrax have joined forces. HEMA is proud to present the S-bottle and pacifiers with a unique and recognisable HEMA design!


The Difrax S-bottle

HEMA loves difrax


anti-colic system

The Difrax S-bottle features an anti-colic system. The special valve in the base of the bottle keeps any air bubbles from ending up in the milk. The bottle is also designed as an S shape. Together, the base valve and the S shape of the bottle ensure that the bottle teat is always filled with milk and not with air. Your baby can drink without swallowing air, with less risk of stomach cramps, burping and vomiting.


HEMA loves difrax


ergonomic design

The S-bottle has been ergonomically designed to promote a natural and relaxed feeding position. The S-bottle is suitable for use directly after birth.


All the advantages of the S-bottle:


  • anti-colic system
  • teat filled with nutrition rather than air
  • less risk of stomach cramps, burping and vomiting
  • ergonomic design
  • bottle content: 250 ml


parts of the S-bottle

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measuring cap
The bottle cap has a measuring scale, allowing you to easily check how much milk your baby has taken.

The bottle has a silicon teat with a soft coating. This coating is BPA-free, odourless and tasteless and helps your baby grip the teat. The standard small size natural teat is supplied with the S-bottle. Your baby will happily accept this silky soft, natural breast nipple shaped teat. Replacement teats are also available in sizes M and L at

S shape
The S shape promotes your baby's natural curved lying posture while feeding. The same position you adopt when breastfeeding.

anti-colic air valve
The anti-colic air valve prevents vacuum suction of the bottle, ensuring milk and air cannot be mixed. Your baby will swallow less air while feeding and is less likely to be troubled by stomach cramps after feeding.

The unscrewable base of the S-bottle makes it easy to fill with frozen breast milk.


tips for use of the S-bottle

  • In order to retain maximum nutritional value, we advise you never to heat baby food above 50 degrees.
  • Always check whether the microwave is set to the correct power level.
  • Before feeding, always check whether the milk is not too warm by dripping it on the inside of your wrist.
  • For reasons of safety and hygiene, we advise you to replace the silicon parts after one to two months.


pacifiers: does your baby need a pacifier?

During the first months of their life, most babies have a natural need to suckle. A pacifier is the solution. It makes them feel safe and secure while also calming them. What's more, a pacifier is easier on the teeth and is more hygienic than thumb-sucking.


HEMA loves Difrax


natural variant

The natural pacifier is breast nipple shaped and symmetrical. This has the advantage that your baby will readily recognise and accept it. The pacifier is also easy to turn.

butterfly shape

The pacifier's butterfly shape leaves your baby's nose free, to breathe freely and easily. The air holes in the butterfly shaped shield allow extra air flow and prevent skin irritation. Difrax pacifiers were developed in collaboration with dentists, to guarantee their safe use.

pacifier for various ages

There are four variants of pacifiers, for babies 0-6 months6+ months, 12+ months and 18+ months. Each size has a different shield which grows along with the shape of your baby's face. The older your baby, the firmer the sucking part of the pacifier, to match the sucking reflexes as your baby's jaws grow stronger. Is your baby starting to bite on their pacifier? It's time to switch to a teething ring or teething toy.


HEMA loves Difrax