We think it is important that our products make a positive contribution to the lives of everyone we work with – customers, employees, suppliers and their communities.

From the moment we design a product, we start thinking about the sustainability of the materials we are going to use and the conditions in which it will be made.  Step by step, we integrate sustainability into the quality and unique design of our products, while keeping prices affordable.
Everywhere we operate, both in the Netherlands and globally, we strive to give our employees, suppliers and their employees the best possible conditions to work in and we try to minimise our environmental impact.

Sustainability is an important component for HEMA’s future and sits in the heart of our business strategy. Our company-wide approach covers the entire supply chain from design to support office, distribution centre, bakeries, stores across Europe, purchasing offices and agents. We recognise that our employee’s happiness, success and support is key to the success of our business.