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If you love good coffee, you’re in the right place. We’ve added three sustainable single origin coffee varieties to our range. These South-American coffees are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified and come from Brazil, Colombia and Honduras.


Brazil is the biggest coffee producing country in the world. Our coffee, a spicy and full-bodied coffee bean is grown at Fazenda Catuai Berrador and Fazenda Nova Suica. These two single estate coffee plantations are managed by the Veloso family. In this area, coffee is cultivated with due consideration for native plants and animals.


These mild, perfectly balanced coffee beans are grown in Honduras, where almost a third of the population works in the coffee industry. Our coffee was produced by the Finca Santa Isabel coffee plantation, which makes sustainable use of the land, water and forests to produce the coffee.


Our Colombian coffee beans are grown by the Kachalu Coffee Farmers in the highlands of Colombia. The Kachalu farmers are committed to cultivating high-quality Arabica beans with respect for people and the environment. The coffee plants on these farms are shaded by a large variety of native trees. Thanks to the conservation of biodiversity in the Kachalu farm region, it is home to around a hundred bird species.